Over 90% of my pupils pass their test first time..
More than double the national average.

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As a parent myself, I take ‘safety’ very seriously.  Unlike any other life skill that our children will learn, learning to drive is a task that involves the whole person i.e. behaviour, thoughts and feelings.  During a lesson, I ask thought provoking questions in order to understand what my pupils are thinking.  This helps them to better understand why they’re doing something rather than being told to do it.  We discuss our feelings and behaviour and how they can affect the choices and decisions we make, this ultimately helps them to develop essential skills in order to become safer drivers.

Driving Test:  I sit in on the driving tests regularly.   I do this because I learn what the examiners are looking for on the driving test, what’s important and what is not important.   I look at how the examiners mark the sheet and what they think is required from the pupil.  This allows me to conduct mock tests with my clients ensuring that they are ready for their big day.  I am very proud to say that more than 90% of my clients pass first time, this is more than double the national average.


Communication: I always treat my pupils as a customer and feel that communication is key.  My pupils have my direct number and can contact me at any time, should they have any questions or concerns.


Confidentiality:  I am professional at all times and will never ask my client any questions about their personal life, therefore the client can be reassured that 100% of the time learning will take place.  Any information that is discussed during the training with the client will always remain confidential and will never be communicated with another client.


Efficient Diary Management: My clients receive a personal wallet containing an appointment card with details of the next appointment. I always text my clients the day before their lesson to re-confirm the appointment details.  I always ensure that I turn up on time as I appreciate that my clients may sometimes have plans before and after a lesson.


Useful Tools:  When training begins, my clients automatically get ‘exclusive’ access to a training website which allows them to continue learning from the comfort of their own home.  This website has lots of videos showing various driving lessons with a different pupil and driving instructor using an in-car video system.    This speeds up the training process and reduces the amount of hours my clients need to learn in the car which ultimately reduces the overall cost of training.  My clients also receive access to ‘Theory Test Pro’. This is an online website which helps them prepare for their theory test.  Learners using ‘Theory Test Pro’ are twice as likely to pass their Theory Test than the national average. Useful paper handouts are given throughout the training.  All of the above are free to my clients.


Progress:  As a parent you may want to know how your son/daughter is progressing.  This can be done in a few ways.  At the end of each lesson, I write notes on their ‘progress report’ which you can view in their personal wallet.  I can feedback to you on a regular basis either in person or by phone whichever is convenient to you.   Alternatively, you are more than welcome to ‘sit in’ on a lesson if this is agreeable with your son/daughter.


Booking the test:  I hand out useful and clear information on ‘how to book the test’.  I am also more than happy to book the driving test should this be preferable.


Testimonials: If you are thinking “Is this training going to help my son/daughter?”  Please click on my ‘Happy Clients’ section to see how it has helped others.



“I used to speed with no regard for other road users. After a few lessons with Aim my whole outlook on driving changed – I passed first time and continue safe driving for life.”
(Syed Mokhari)

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