Over 80% of my pupils pass their test first time..
More than double the national average.



Liz Halstead, Timperley

“Ten years after failing my 2nd driving test I decided to give driving another go. When I came across Aim Driving School and read the reviews it seemed to be just what I was looking for and I wasn’t disappointed. Elaine helped me to prepare for both the theory and practical tests by providing useful training material and giving me detailed advice and tips on all aspects of driving. I was incredibly nervous leading up to the practical test but Elaine’s patience, attention to detail and confidence-boosting pep talks meant I was able to overcome those nerves and ultimately pass my test. I would highly recommend Elaine if you are looking for a friendly, professional, highly skilled, committed, thorough and reliable instructor.”
Thank you Elaine! Liz Halstead, Timperley


Raz Miereanu, Altrincham

“Elaine is an absolute professional! I was a pretty nervous learner but she had such a calming and supportive nature that made me feel at ease at all times. Her unique way of teaching is just amazing. She will go through every lesson in detail, and explain every possible situation you may encounter. Elaine is one of the few teachers I will probably not forget all my life. Just like the one who taught me to write the first letters of the alphabet. All I can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being my instructor. She taught me so well that I passed my test first time just with 4 minor mistakes! I would 100% recommend Elaine to anyone!” Raz Miereanu, Altrincham

Sophie Hargreaves, Hale

“Elaine is a fantastic driving instructor. I really enjoyed being taught by her. She is both friendly and professional, giving you the confidence and ability to become a safe driver. She wrote notes after each lesson stating areas where you need to improve and written mock tests which helped me progress. Elaine covered everything for the test, making sure you will be a safe driver for the future. I found that she was always encouraging and believed in me. Her instructions were always made clear and simple.
Thanks to Elaine I passed first time and would highly recommend her.”

Thank you for everything Elaine. Sophie Hargreaves, Hale

Julie Leslie, Altrincham

“Thanks to Elaine’s excellent teaching methods I am delighted to say that my 18 year old son has just passed his driving test on his first attempt He always looked forward to his lessons and I know it was Elaine’s calm, patient and relaxed approach that gave him the confidence he needed behind the wheel to become a safe driver. She is always friendly, reliable and very flexible with lesson times. Elaine has been a fantastic and supportive instructor and I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive.” Julie Leslie, Altrincham

Kate Norris, Altrincham

“At the start of my lessons with Elaine I was an incredibly nervous student. I’d never got behind the wheel before and so I had to learn everything from scratch. Elaine was both kind, friendly and professional. She put me at ease straight away with her unique way of teaching. As my lessons progressed, at times I would feel insecure about my skills but Elaine knew exactly how to combat my nerves. She put so much belief and confidence in me by the time of my test I was raring to go. She also gave me a great CD rom to practice on before my theory test. I’m delighted to say I passed both my theory and my driving test first time. I’m so grateful to Elaine. I don’t have any bad experiences to comment on from previous instructors because I was very lucky to find Elaine first time!! She is definitely someone I’ll remember forever because she helped me change my life for the better. You never forget the good teachers you meet in life. I will miss our lessons because she made each one a pleasure and she was also a wonderful friend to me when my confidence wasn’t at its highest. Give yourself the best chance in passing first time and book with Aim Driving School!!!! Thanks a million Elaine.” Kate Norris, Altrincham

Hannah Watson, Ashley

“When I started learning to drive I was very nervous but Elaine made me feel at ease and with her help and understanding I felt more confident and enjoyed my lessons. Each lesson Elaine would make notes for me to look over which made it a lot easier for me. With Elaine I was able to learn at my own pace. When it came to arranging lesson times she was very flexible, which was extremely helpful as I was studying my A levels at the time. I think Elaine is a fantastic instructor and I would highly recommend her. Thanks again” Hannah Watson, Ashley

Nisha Ijas, Hale Barns

“Elaine took all the responsibility starting from preparation for theory test right through to didactic practical learning lessons. Elaine has been very patient and methodical in educating me. Her patience and perseverance has been very helpful in boosting both my knowledge and confidence. Her notes at the end of each lesson has been very helpful indeed. With all the above help I have successfully passed my theory and practical test in my first attempt. I would wholeheartedly recommend Elaine to anyone looking for an extremely able, patient and dedicated instructor!” Nisha Ijas, Hale Barns

Josh Bluer. Hale

“Elaine is very dedicated to her students and leaves no stone untouched when it comes to lessons. She won’t put you in for your test until you are 100% ready and is always happy to allow for extra time. Elaine made the test very easy since I knew exactly what to expect on the day. Really calm and professional.” Josh Bluer. Hale

Amel Boussakou, Altrincham

“My husband and I both passed our driving test with Aim Driving School. Choosing the school was the best choice we could ever have made. Elaine is very organised, dedicated, reliable, committed, efficient and always punctual. She will take every step to ensure that on the day of your test you’re ready to pass, not just to take the test and see how it goes. Leading up to the test, I was nervous, tense, emotional and very tired (mother of two with many sleepless nights), Elaine helped me to overcome it all. She believed in me, gave me the confidence I needed and never gave up on me. I don’t think I could have done it without her. At every lesson Elaine is dedicated, doesn’t waste time having a conversation and chatting (unlike my previous instructor) taking notes which were passed to me at the end of each lesson to review. With Elaine, it’s not about the money, it’s about the satisfaction that you have done well at the end of the lesson that counts. I will recommend Aim Driving School to all my friends, give it a go, you won’t regret it. Thank you, again, Elaine. “ Amel Boussakou, Altrincham

Chloe Hough, Styal

“Having had lessons elsewhere that were becoming a chore, I was pleased to find that I enjoyed lessons with Elaine and I was much more relaxed whilst driving. I progressed much more quickly thanks to her rigorous instructions and she gave clear, simple methods for areas that I needed more help on. I highly recommend Elaine due to her patient, encouraging teaching style and enjoyable lessons. “ Chloe Hough, Styal

Alice Burgess, Timperley

“I would 100% recommend Elaine to anyone of any age. Elaine is very friendly, patient, considerate and understanding and her teaching methods are just fantastic. All manoeuvres and techniques are perfectly explained making them easy to learn. Written reports at the end of each lesson. Information and help to pass the theory test and Elaine has an excellent way of teaching good road use and safety. Elaine puts you at ease from the first phone call until your pass certificate. Fun learning in a happy safe way. “ Alice Burgess, Timperley

Dan Chilvers, Timperley

“Elaine is an excellent teacher. I never thought I would pass my test so quickly. As I had just turned 17 recently I wanted to be able to drive as soon as possible, Elaine understood this and we covered everything I needed to know very quickly. After this we went through very thorough practice and Elaine eliminated all the problems I had. She was very thorough and made sure i had everything perfect before I took my test. She was never angry or impatient with me and was always helpful. I cannot recommend Aim Driving School enough, worth every penny. “ Dan Chilvers, Timperley

Dr. Aida Jusufagic, Altrincham

“My husband was very keen to pass his driving test and with a new addition to our family, passing his driving test was an absolute must for him. After getting nowhere with another big local driving school, I came across Aim Driving School and Elaine on the internet. From the testimonials we read, we were sure Elaine was the right one. After meeting and working with her I can confirm that everything that is written on the website is true. Elaine is just AMAZING!! My husband was stressed at the end of driving with his previous instructor but from day one with Elaine he started enjoying his lessons and this was reflected on his driving immediately. Elaine is not only a driving instructor but is a great personal coach. She is very professional, organised and at the same time personal in the sense that she understands her pupil’s needs. She will sacrifice her free time and will slot you extra driving lessons just to make sure you are ready for the big day. Elaine will also coach you on how to be in control of your nerves when sitting for your driving test. I am very pleased to say that my husband passed his driving test first time around, thanks to you Elaine.” Dr. Aida Jusufagic, Altrincham

Nicole Menon, Altrincham

“Elaine was extremely patient and managed to explain everything in a very simple way. I had fun learning how to drive which made the experience more enjoyable and helped me learn. I was really pleased to pass first time and would recommend anyone to use Elaine. My sister will be using her next year. Thanks for everything.” Nicole Menon, Altrincham

Emily Doyle, Sale

“Thank you so much for everything! Believe me when I say I never would have imagined that I would pass first time and I am thrilled! But I am also thrilled because I now feel a much more confident driver than I ever thought I would and I am so glad that I chose my lessons with you. The reason why I kept on going was because you made me believe that I could do it and I never could have done it without you. “ Emily Doyle, Sale

Benedict Jones, Hale

“Elaine is simply a fantastic instructor. After a 2 year break from driving lessons I came to her with the aim of passing my test within a fairly tight time frame of only a couple of months, and I passed first time. Her method of teaching is incredibly thorough, and rest assured that she will leave no stone unturned in preparing you for your test, which helps to make the whole test experience a lot less stressful. She is very reliable and incredibly well organized, always calm and never once became annoyed when I made mistakes. I would recommend her, without reservation, to anyone.” Benedict Jones, Hale

Katie Shankland, Timperley

“I had waited a few years to learn how to drive as I was always nervous about learning but I was recommended Elaine from a family friend and it was the best decision I made. Elaine was always considerate to fit me in around work and university and even did lessons on a Saturday. I was quite a nervous driver but Elaine was very patient and encouraging and gave me the confidence to carry on even when I had doubts. As I got better, I really started enjoying my lessons, and could see the improvement both in my driving and my confidence. On the morning of my test I couldn’t believe that it was snowing, I was really anxious and thought I would cancel but Elaine gave me a pep talk and said I could do it, and I went on to pass my test first time. I would definitely recommend Aim driving to anyone of any age and any ability.” Katie Shankland, Timperley

Joe Langley, Ashley

“I was so glad I chose Elaine for my instructor, she was so calm and professional, giving me every encouragement when I needed it. She took me through everything step by step, keeping records all the way through. Elaine was so easy to get on with, it made learning a pleasure. She always made me relaxed and comfortable, and let me go at my own pace, I can’t thank her enough. I now feel confident and relaxed about driving, having passed my test and look forward to having my Pass Plus lessons with her too!  I would be happy to recommend Elaine to anyone.” Joe Langley, Ashley

Claire Ellin, Altrincham

“I was given Elaine’s number after having another instructor for over a year and having failed a previous driving test, I urgently needed to drive in order to get to work. Elaine assured me I could be ready for another test in a couple of months’ time and she fulfilled her promise. I have now passed and have so much more confidence in my driving that I did with my previous instructor. She is an excellent teacher and a lovely lady who I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a driving instructor.” Claire Ellin, Altrincham

Chloe Hill, Sale

“Elaine is patient and knows exactly how to explain things so that even the most confusing things sound simple. I honestly believe that without her, I would not have half the confidence I have now. Her constant reassurance made learning to drive a pleasure instead of a chore.” Chloe Hill, Sale

Dr Sarah Harrison, Sale

“Before joining Elaine at Aim Driving School, I had tried a few other driving schools in the area but none of them gave me the confidence to feel comfortable behind the steering wheel. When I met Elaine everything changed. Her innovative teaching and supportive advice were fantastic. I not only passed my test the first time but I gained a good friend in the process.” Dr Sarah Harrison, Sale

Luke Anderson, Bowdon

“I would like to say that I really enjoyed being taught by you and you were a fantastic teacher. I would recommend you to anybody looking to learn how to drive. I always felt safe and confident in the car with you and I think that you really cared to help me in areas that I was struggling. I think the thing that separates you from other driving instructors is that you taught me a skill that I will use throughout my life and you taught me to be a safe driver after my test. From my friends’ experiences and thoughts, I know that some other instructors teach to the minimum level to get their students to pass. Driving is a skill that I will always need and use in life and I think that choosing the right teacher is very important. I have no regrets whatsoever choosing you to teach me how to drive as it really does pay to be a responsible driver on the road. Many thanks.” Luke Anderson, Bowdon

Jake Roberts, Ashley

“Elaine is an easy instructor to get on with, she doesn’t shout in bad situations and she doesn’t make the driver feel nervous – a great instructor!” Jake Roberts, Ashley

Sharon Warburton, Altrincham

“My phone call to Aim driving school was one of the best things I ever did. I had been having many lessons with another instructor and they were becoming a chore and I’d find myself dreading them and disliking driving. I knew it was time for a change so I called Aim. As soon as I met Elaine I knew I was going to enjoy my lessons. She was very professional, put me at ease and filled me with confidence and very quickly I began to really look forward to learning to drive. If you want an expert service, a lovely instructor and to be a safe driver… choose Aim.” Sharon Warburton, Altrincham

Georgi Shelston, Bowdon

“As a thirty something, heavily pregnant mother of one, I was desperate to pass my driving test. However, having a few failed tests behind me and several different instructors and methods, my driving confidence was very low. Elaine’s approach was both gentle and no nonsense, she was an extremely patient and diligent instructor with a very thorough knowledge of all things driving related. Elaine went out of her way to accommodate my schedule, even on occasion giving up personal time to ensure that we achieved my goal of passing the test before baby Barney arrived. By the time I took my test, I knew I could pass and that gave me the confidence boost I needed. Driving has absolutely transformed my life and I really do have Elaine to thank for that. Don’t hesitate, book your lessons with Elaine and you’ll be sure to pass!” Georgi Shelston, Bowdon

Jayne Morris, Altrincham

“Elaine possesses excellent communication skills that allows her to gain an understanding of the pupil. A lot of patience and her instructions were informative and easy to understand… I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Elaine to anyone who is just starting to drive or just wants refresher lessons.” Jayne Morris, Altrincham

Agnes Shooshtarizadeh, Hale Barns

“If you ask about Elaine I can only speak in superlatives. She was born to teach, never loses her patience, always gives clear instructions and you will always feel safe beside her. Her priority is your needs and therefore many lessons ran over by 10-15 minutes which I wasn’t charged for. She is well organised, very flexible and she will call you straight away or text you if there is a change. Honestly I feel lucky that I have found her website via Google, she is an excellent teacher and a fantastic friend. You will be prepared not only for the exam but for life, so you can feel safe after you pass your exam. You will get a free starting pack including a book. The first lesson is a trial lesson, you can decide if you want to continue and during your progress you will get lots of support and advice which you can really benefit from. I would highly recommend Elaine – you won’t be disappointed.” Agnes Shooshtarizadeh, Hale Barns

“I would highly recommend Elaine if you are looking for a friendly, professional, highly skilled, committed, thorough and reliable instructor.  Thank you Elaine!”

Liz Halstead, Timperley

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